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Pastor DZ and his beautiful wife Agnes have five children and one grandchild. DZ worked as an inspector at Escom (Electricity Supply Commission) for many years until he felt that God was calling him into full time ministry. He resigned his locative position and started holding church services out of their humble home.  In 2013 DZ started to work with one of the Smart Choices teams and quickly realized what an effective evangelistic tool the Smart Choices program is. Since 2014 DZ and Agnes have been their own Smart Choices team. Some of the kids from the Smart Choices program have a worship and dance troop to go to schools and other youth activities to attract the youth to Smart Choices.


Reliable transport and transportation costs is often an issue for DZ and other team leaders as well. Each of these leaders could also appreciate more individuals on their team to assist in the Smart Choices teaching program as it is difficult to present the whole six hours by oneself.

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